Collaboration for a Better Society

Great Connections

Shared Understanding

Bigger Ideas

Civility exists to drive collaboration between government, civil society and citizens by deploying the latest technology, sharing data and curating compelling events.

Great Connections

Civility harnesses the disruptions of the pandemic to help you run better, more insightful face-to-face, virtual and hybrid engagements.

Replicable modules to gauge:

  • mood and temperature
  • salience and prioritisation
  • user choice pathways

Adapted to support:

  • stakeholder roundtables
  • member engagement
  • community consultations
  • public research

Perfect for:

  • government
  • industry associations
  • NFP businesses
  • Member-based organisations

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Shared Understanding

Civility will build a public database of agreed facts to anchor civic collaboration.

Civility’s model of collaboration revolves around three simple questions:

  • What do we agree on?
  • Where are the points of friction?
  • How might we, together, explore and resolve these differences?

We will build a living database of insights that anchor this work:

  • Essential’s base of quantitative public research
  • Qualitative research projects
  • Think tank reports

Our knowledge base will be held in trust

  • Data will be held in a NFP data co-op
  • Operating to support the interests of civil society
  • Becoming a sandpit for best practise data management

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Bigger Ideas

Civility will build a community of engaged citizens who want to be active participants in democracy.

Regular virtual and hyrbid public events

  • Great speakers
  • Active curation
  • Genuine audience input

Specialist forums on key policy challenges

  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Disability
  • Indigenous Issues
  • Environment
  • Culture

User-led communities of interest

  • Moderated discussion groups
  • Ongoing feedback loops
  • Dynamic engagement tools

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About Civility

Civility exists to build a better model of citizen engagement by giving civil society the tools to design and execute compelling collaborations that build a broader community consensus.

We believe the best way to build consensus is  by embracing Civility: truly listening, identifying points of agreeing  and working together on points of friction.

A more civil society will change politics for the better, transform organisations and give citizens a real voice in the future.

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Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is the executive  director of Essential Media, a progressive strategic campaign agency. Peter is also the Director of the Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology where he hosts the ‘Burning Platforms podcast’.  Heis a regular columnist for Guardian Australia and the author of five books including Webtopia (2019) and the Public Square Project (2021).

Nicholas Davis

Nicholas Davis is a consultant, academic and author working at the intersection between technology, human rights and public policy. He was previously Head of Society and Innovation at the World Economic Forum, where he was responsible for creating and shaping “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” as a metaphor to guide the development of emerging technologies. He holds academic positions at the University of Oxford, University College London and Arizona State University.

Civility Partners:

We aim to build a network of consultants who will work with us to develop the Civility model across the progressive movement.

If you are working as strategic, communications, digital or research consultant, we can give you the tools to run better collaborations.

In doing so you will be inviting into the Civility collaboration, to help shape it and grow it and share its success.